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My name is Gerald Sims

Gerald Sims is the Founder of The Cohesion Project, a teamwork and leadership consulting firm that helps athletes, coaches, and team-oriented organizations succeed as teams. Gerald has held leadership positions in the military, law enforcement, business, and athletics. Growing up in a military home meant continually adapting to new relationships and situations. Through these experiences, Gerald developed a keen sense of what makes people work together better in groups. Having played and coached at the secondary and collegiate levels, he knows how to motivate individuals to form and participate in a winning culture. Everything Gerald had done has prepared him to help your team form a more cohesive mentality.


All About The Cohesion Project

The Cohesion Project is a dynamic initiative that focuses on improving team work and operational performance in organizations. The team works by facilitating open communication, encouraging collaboration and fostering a positive team culture. Through various activities and strategies, the Cohesion Project aims to build strong relationships among team members, increase productivity, and ultimately enhance the overall effectiveness of the organization. By emphasizing the importance of teamwork and identifying areas for improvement, the Cohesion Project can help teams achieve their goals and drive success.

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Cohesion Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Cohesion Projects' team is made of highly motivated and dedicated professionals from multiple disciplines who dedicate their time and energies to refining our client's team or group.

Our services include “boot-camp” style training and corporate team building structures that provide tools that enhance our clients and thier teams  — to establish cohesive principles as a core expectation.

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